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Labeling on some fluorescent lamps (such as green end and compact .. the use of drum top fluorescent lamp crushers due to the potential for human exposure.

Mar 19, 2014 . Compliance & Enforcement Unit. Fluorescent Lamp Crushers. A Regulatory Discussion on Fluorescent Lamp Crushing in Missouri. Celebrating.

Fluorescent lamp disposers, which meets environmental and safety regulations for the disposal of spent lamps. Safely crush spent lamps reducing their volume.

New Product. Fluorescent Lamp Crusher (NCR Series). Product information; Delivery case. Prevents diffusion of mercury vapor and processes fluorescent lamps.

Drum-style fluorescent lamp crushers are being marketed to municipalities and businesses, with claims of saving money (compared with the cost of recycling.

Today Balcan Lamp Crushers are used extensively throughout the world for fluorescent tube and mercury lamp management. They designed to overcome the.

Sep 13, 2014 . Get rid of old fluorescent bubs the easy, clean way. . According to the manufacturer, Bulb Eater Lamp Crusher reduces labor costs by up to 20.

Waste fluorescent tube containment and disposal - safe, clean, efficient.

Jun 30, 2015 . Photo: A drum-top lamp crusher with a mercury vapor recovery system. Operator should use appropriate personal protective equipment.

Aug 3, 2012 . Drum-top crushers (DTCs) are devices that are designed to safely crush fluorescent lamps. DTCs fit on the top of a 55 gallon drum and crush.

Balcan lamp crushers not only crush the volume of lamps but reduce . As a result this model is able to accept handfuls of fluorescent tubes up to 8ft long and.

light bulbs, including mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs and high intensity . Permit to Install (PTI) prior to installing and operating a bulb crusher. The PTI.

Although fluorescent lamp-disposal options vary by state, industry and . But it's important to understand that the crushers are regulated at the state level.

Crusher turns oil filters or paint can waste into recyclable scrap steel. . Store and ship spent fluorescent tube light bulbs in these sturdy, lightweight fiber drums.

The Global FLC8 Fluorescent Lamp Crusher is a simple, industrial crusher that conveniently crushes large quantities of fluorescent lights quickly and safely.

Apr 28, 2014 . you run a large office block with lots of fluorescent tubes used for lighting. Once a year you hire in a crusher specially designed to crush the.

Dec 1, 2005 . Can I crush hazardous fluorescent lamps and still manage them as . While some commercially available lamp crushers are designed to.


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Dec 1, 2003 . Fluorescent bulbs, in Minnesota, can be managed as hazardous .. fluorescent lamp crusher at an airport facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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Disposing of Fluorescent Lamps – A Guide for Businesses . I use a lamp crushing device, such as “drum-top” crusher, what must I do? If you desire to manage.

manufacturers have reduced the amount of mercury in fluorescent bulbs, . top bulb crusher for general recycling of your fluorescent bulbs, you may add the.

equipment (such as thermostats) and lamps (such as fluorescent lamps). Many businesses find that . May I use a lamp crusher to crush the lamps I generate?

Portable Fluorescent Lamp Or Tube Crusher . Fluorescent tubes are the most common light source now in use in offices and plants throughout the developed.

All Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes Should Be Recycled or Disposed as Hazardous . Note: Operating a fluorescent lamp/tube crusher in California would be.

Fluorescent Lamp Drum-Top Crusher Survey Results. Problem Statement ‒ U.S. EPA and State and Territorial (States) regulatory agencies recommend that.

Dextrite Fluorescent lamp crusher solutions. We specialize in the design and manufacture of fluorescent lamp disposers, crushers, which meet environmental.

The Bulb Eater® 3 is the next generation of Bulb Eater® Lamp Crusher which crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into recyclable material while.

The Fluorescent Light Bulb Crushing Machine not only crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into recyclable material, but also captures over.

PestWest Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor - Drum-top fluorescent lamp recycling and mercury recovery system. Compacting system to crush fluorescent lamps.